For the founder of Tesla and Space X, all his possessions are harmful and vectors of attack.  He therefore decided to part with it.

It is a surprising decision that the boss of Tesla has just made. Guest of Joe Rogan's podcast, spotted by Ulyces, Thursday, May 7, Elon Musk said he has put all his material goods up for sale. The reason: the founder of Space X is fed up with being accused of being a billionaire. "I have a feeling that possessions are pulling you down. They're like an attack vector, you know what I'm saying? People say, 'Hey billionaire, look at all you've got.' Well, now I have nothing left, what are you going to do? "He explained to Joe Rogan to justify his decision.

On Twitter, Elon Musk had also, a few days earlier, announced the color, stressing that he would soon no longer have a home. According to him, "being a billionaire has become pejorative". "It's like something's wrong, which doesn't really make sense in a lot of cases," he laments in this podcast, available on "The Joe Rogan Experience" YouTube channel.
While he has put up for sale all his material goods including his houses, Elon Musk still plans to rent a house that will allow him to store certain goods he wants to keep, because they have a sentimental value. Last Sunday, two of his Los Angeles properties were spotted by Business Insider on a real estate listing site. His mansion in the Bel Air district is on sale for $ 17 million. As for the second house, which is on the same street, is proposed at 9.5 million dollars.
But obviously, if his new lifestyle does not suit him, the entrepreneur can always go back. With an estimated fortune of $ 37.9 billion, even selling all his possessions, Elon Musk will still remain a billionaire ...

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