Definitely we don't know how far Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX, will go! After having ignited Dogecoin, imagining a cryptocurrency system on Mars, he now wants these future cars to fly above the ground. Musk chose Joe Rogan, a famous American podcaster to talk about his project.

After having made his electric cars a benchmark in the field, he now wants to make them fly… Not very high, only one meter above the ground, but still fly! Elon Musk's eccentricities will probably continue to amaze us ... But how does he go about it?

These Tesla Model S should therefore float a meter above the ground, if Musk manages to adapt the mini-thrusters he uses on his Space X rockets. By using the Roadster on vehicles, he hopes to make them fly… Imagine the idea ! Stuck in a gigantic Californian traffic jam, you are propelled vertically to pass over all those people who are waiting and who have no Tesla!

"We are going to launch rocket technology in this car," Elon Musk explains to Joe Rogan's microphone. Tesla is reportedly planning to install cold-gas SpaceX thrusters in the vehicle to improve acceleration. The CEO also said he would like to place thrusters directly under the car to give it the ability to hover ...

Okay, don't expect this technology for tomorrow ... Musk says he needs to figure out a way to float his cars first ... without killing anyone. Suddenly he said to himself that a meter from the ground, even if you fell, you wouldn't be dead… What about the bodywork? If the car drops a meter every day, that might shake it anyway, right?

Musk seems to like to imagine more than futuristic things for these vehicles… Sometimes these eccentricities can also help to get things done. The future steering wheel of the Model X, S and Roadster, the Yoke, is in the process of being approved by the NHTSA.

This isn't the first time Elon Musk has imagined a futuristic feature for his vehicles, and Tesla has a long history of flirting with traffic control. Indeed, several of the brand's innovations, starting with Autopilot, have moved the lines or otherwise created debate.

This is currently the case with the Yoke, the future steering wheel for the Model S, X and Roadster. Elon Musk has confirmed that it has every reason to be validated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (US federal agency) responsible for road safety.

This rectangular steering wheel already used in Formula 1 should be homologated soon! For floating cars, however, it may be more complicated! Who knows what will become of this crazy new project of Elon Musk? 

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